Thriving on Stress 4-1-1 (TAKE ACTION by NAVY Stress Management)


(1) Types of Stress Response

a. PHYSICAL (a) Tense Muscles, (b) Queasy Stomach, (c) Pounding Heart, & (d) Quickening Breath

b. MENTAL (a) Change in your view of yourself, (b) Distractibility & Decreased Attention, (c) Forgetfulness, & (d) Irrational Thoughts  

c. EMOTIONAL (a) Anxiety, (b) Moodiness, (c) Worry, & (d) Irritability

d. BEHAVIORAL (a) Impulsive behavior, (b) More Frequent Accidents and Mistakes, (c) Not Eating (or Over-Eating), (d) Sleep Problems, & (e) More Use of Caffeine, Alcohol, Cigarettes or Sugar

e. SOCIAL (a) Changes in View Others, (b) Conflicts & Communication Problems, (c) Social Withdrawal, & (d) Decreased Commitment to Work or School

f. SPIRITUAL (a) Changes in your View of Your Future, (b) Changes in the Meaning of Your Life, & (c) Crises of Trust & Faith








About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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