Thriving on Stress 4-5-1 (BREAK DOWN YOUR GOALS IN TAKE ACTION by NAVY Stress Management)



Break down your goals into “doable” chunks.  Achieve success with visions of attainable goals. /  

 Lay out larger tasks into smaller manageable parts. Completion of each smaller task then becomes an accomplishment – and a concrete step toward an end goal.  For example, if you are starting an exercise plan emphasizing running, don’t think that you have to be able to run a nine-minute mile by the end  of the month.  After a medical review of health-risk factors, set a goal of running 3-5 times a week and eating a balanced diet. Maintain this schedule for several weeks, taking note of your run times. Then set reasonable weekly goals for achievable decreases in run times based on what you have learned about your current abilities. Depending on your initial level of fitness, it may be a decrease of 10-15 seconds a week. 


About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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