Thriving on Stress 8-(4) “REGULAR EXERCISE” in HEALTHY LIFESTYLES by NAVY Stress Management



Regular exercise is key to maintaining long-term stress management. Exercise releases pent-up strain from daily stressors and provides rejuvenation of physical and emotional energy. Mental abilities and physical prowess are sharpened, and mood and outlook are improved.

Physical workouts should consist of the following:

A. Warm-up Period stretches and loosens muscles so that injury is avoided and performance is improved. Stretching also has an energizing effect that in turn combines with relaxation and stress release.

B. Strength Building involves exercises with the focus on muscle development  and skill refinement This includes calisthenics and weight training.

C. Aerobic Training involves aerobic exercises to promote cardio-vascular fitness. The focus is on development of physical endurance and stamina.

D. Cool-down Period allows controlled relaxation and stretching of exercised muscle groups. This serves to prevent injury and help maintain progress achieved during the exercise session.


About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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