Thriving on Stress 9-(1) “BALANCED DIET” in BALANCED DIET by NAVY Stress Management

The key to a balanced diet is variety and moderation in all things. America Dietary Guidelines are designed to help you find ways to enjoy food while taking action for good health. The basic message boil   s down to basic ABC’s for health:

A – Aim for fitness

Aim for a healthy weigh t and strive for daily physical activity.

B – Build on a healthy food foundation

Base your healthy diet on a variety of foods that balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats from the food pyramid.  Remember that diets high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables will reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases. Whatever you eat, always take steps to keep your food safe to eat.

C – Choose sensibly

Choose a diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fat. Choose beverages and foods to moderate your intake of sugars.  Choose and prepare foods with less salt.  If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation.  You can enjoy all foods as part of a healthy diet as long as you don’t over indulge in alcohol and foods high in sugars, salt, fat (especially fat).

To supplement these guidelines a national campaign was launched to promote at least five daily servings of fruits and vegetables. This “5-a-day” campaign was adopted by all military services. Service members are encouraged to eat five to  ten servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Following the “5-a-day” suggestion will 

(1) Add needed vitamins and minerals to your daily food intake.

(2) Cut your risk of heart disease, cancer, and digestive disease.

(3) Help control cholesterol; prevent constipation.

(4) Help manage your body weight and percent body fat.


About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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