Thriving on Stress 10-(1) “PROPER REST” in HEALTHY LIFESTYLES by NAVY

The body requires an adequate amount of rest to recuperate from the stress and strain of the day’s activities. Lifestyles and sleep habits may vary, but all people need rest and sleep. During sleep, physical and mental restoration occurs on both a cellular and functional level. Individuals’ need for sleep requirements may range above or below the usual eight-hour requirements, and   individuals’ productivity peaks may be in the morning, afternoon or evening. However, each individual requires some sleep to ensure stress tolerance and peak performance.

During  periods of high ops tempo, when time available for sleep is at a premium, good choices need to be made about use of any limited liberty and recreational time.  Also remember that alcohol and caffeine use significantly disturbs the sleep cycle. The best choice may be just to hit the rack as quickly as possible for a good night’s sleep.



About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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