Thriving on Stress 12-(1) “MEANING” in MAKE IT REAL by NAVY Stress Management


 * Meaning: Know why you are doing it!                                                                                          * Choice: Know when the decision points occur!                                                                          * Skill: Know how it is to happen!                                                                                                    * Progress: Know what shows benefit or improvement!

Let’s look at how the model applies to improving your physical fitness.


In terms of improving our physical fitness, we can easily name the reasons why we should do it:

  – We would feel better.                                                                                                               – Our PRT score would improve.                                                                                             – We may live longer.                                                                                                                 – We would find that other everyday activities would be easier.                             – Our energy level would increase.                                                                                     – Our stamina would improve.                                                                                               – Our resistance to illness would improve.                                                                       – Our appearance would improve.



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Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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