Thriving on Stress 12-(3 & 4) “SKILL & PROGRESS” in MAKE IT REAL by NAVY Stress Management



In terms of HOW we would improve our fitness, we make decisions:

– New regimens of exercise should be preceded by either a review of physical risk factors or a medical clearance.

– Workout should consist of warm-up, strength, aerobic and cool-down periods.

– Fitness habits involve gradual increases in strength and endurance.

– Variety is key to maintaining a long-term fitness lifestyle.


In terms of WHAT indicates benefit or improvement, we look for results.

– Self-monitoring of heart rate ensures healthy aerobic conditioning.

– Simple fitness log provides feedback for weight, strength, and endurance measures.

– Active duty physical fitness assessments are likely to show improvement.

– Experience of stamina and physical strength should  improve.

– Reward yourself for improvements.

Improved physical fitness is just one stress management goal that can be obtained by maintaining your motivational health.


About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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