INTRODUCTION on DEPRESSION by Quick Series (1-1)


Being in the military (work) can be a particularly stressful occupation, one that puts major strain on military (work) families, especially in a time of frequent deployments and war. A common emotional reaction to excess and/or continuous stress is depression.

This guide is designed to help you better understand the multiple causes of depression, its effect on you, your family, your work and what can be done to prevent, manage and treat it. Its small size, light weight and colorful graphics make it easy to read, carry and refer to during challenging time.

As an educational/self-help guide, this “pocket therapist” comes with practical information, strategies and resources for follow-up help. It can be used as an aid to help you recognize depression in yourself or others, and offers many strategies and options to deal with it.

This guide can also be used by those currently receiving professional help, either individually or in a group.


This publication is not meant to diagnose or treat a mental or medical condition. A qualified mental health professional such as a psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist should be consulted. In the military (work), chaplains, medics and others may have received specialized training in screening for depression. Some officers may have received basic training in identifying depression and other mental health problems. Because of its size, this guide is neither comprehensive nor complete, but can serve as a helpful resource for you and your family.


About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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