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Green Onion in Winter

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Brussel at 6 am

The plane left Dhaka at midnight and arrived at Brussel at 6 am.   The team need to wait for 5 hours. The flight for Washington D.C. will be at 11:15 am. We go around and check through the security. There … Continue reading

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Learning on my Couch: Fighting tense, exuberant, and dangerous. without mercy, on the grass within 100 yards and 160 feet. 10 big men like black bears to execute orders of the commanding crew of scientific planners for dashing 10 yards … Continue reading

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Hovering over 72 years, Again, again, again, Is it recycling routine or spiral galaxy toward the black hole? To realize how important to care of my teeth, at least three times of hygiene after taking food, on sensitive teeth with … Continue reading

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Sitting outdoor in 33 degree, Lattice of life in the winter lettuce. Occupy the stillness, even void. Still light green between dark brown leave / bark and white snow, Surreal dance with sparkling ice. As the neuron of my brain, … Continue reading

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Coffe Lover:

Coffee lover:fragrancelong before waking upfill the world of minein the morninghas been long journeycross the fields, rooms and waysnow rest into my five sensesthenfew minutes passingdancing in flyinginto own celestial spacewith sixth sensefor all day long.Could have a happy day.

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Start to fallwhenintense hoveringof its clemency overlong waitingto loose siluette ofviolent stormwith“Either or.” Let it snowon Earth,vigilant Peace! Shamefulto call it evilYet, create the wallfor horror. Let it snowLet it snowLet it snow Far better thandisappointingthe black icewith sleet. Start … Continue reading

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