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Coffe Lover:

Coffee lover:fragrancelong before waking upfill the world of minein the morninghas been long journeycross the fields, rooms and waysnow rest into my five sensesthenfew minutes passingdancing in flyinginto own celestial spacewith sixth sensefor all day long.Could have a happy day.

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Start to fallwhenintense hoveringof its clemency overlong waitingto loose siluette ofviolent stormwith“Either or.” Let it snowon Earth,vigilant Peace! Shamefulto call it evilYet, create the wallfor horror. Let it snowLet it snowLet it snow Far better thandisappointingthe black icewith sleet. Start … Continue reading

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For new church for pandemic ages and cyber village

Wish to open and use church facilities for the immediate community as following ways: [ Reason ] First: Pandemic era requires smaller gathering as creative living, Second: cyber world needs real life in person to person relationship to find who … Continue reading

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