Learning on my Couch:

Fighting tense, exuberant, and dangerous.

without mercy,

on the grass within 100 yards and 160 feet.

10 big men like black bears to execute orders

of the commanding crew of scientific planners

for dashing 10 yards dash.

Some unfortunate lost,

but 75 yards in single running.

Under raining, snowing, or storming

with speed, slow-motion, jumping with Gymnastic moves:

forward roll, cast, somersault, handstand, back handspring, round off, turn in one feet, flip over, split leap, and throw, pass, you name.

When tie each other of regular time ends goes over extends, 10 minutes.

Token toss to take possession.

Touch down win the game.

But sometimes go down within 40 seconds or only 4 seconds

to make end.

Next score win the game.

Ah, craziest American.

Fun time of hypertension.

Ah, is it art indeed?

Believe it’s beyond the business.

About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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