Hovering over 72 years,

Again, again, again,

Is it recycling routine

or spiral galaxy toward the black hole?

To realize how important to care of my teeth,

at least three times of hygiene after taking food,

on sensitive teeth

with all distinguishing dietary,

even painful hot or cold,

from results of heavy loaded stress from work,

that was from my over qualifications,

Expediating circles in dynamic motion

Help of sensodyne, enalmel guard and repair after waterpik,

bring me back two decades young again.

Don’t need any make-up,

nor cosmetic surgery,

or Zumba and sun spa wellness

But go with only on farming under the ferocious Sun and inveterate wind,

with armor of Cocoa butter body and Vaseline lotion

to cover hands, face included hair.

By the way, need a hat to cover the top.

Not to worry on the chest and legs.

Daily wish is so simple,

as breathing on unsalted air

as practicing to recycle

as listening the bowel movement.

When I reached and go beyond the black hole,

I don’t need the recycling,

Rather, under a moment of little dew,

to take a walking the raw work for others.

So my hovering would go over the rrecycling routine

to reach the new planet beyond the new universe,

Free at last from my centering.

Rhythmical dance in Eternal now,

in the hand of Creator,

for more 72 thousand light years.

Please play Rhythm of Cosmic dance.

About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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