For new church for pandemic ages and cyber village

Wish to open and use church facilities for the immediate community as following ways:

[ Reason ] First: Pandemic era requires smaller gathering as creative living, Second: cyber world needs real life in person to person relationship to find who I am. Finally third: church needs more and much practice on creative activities in small group as spiritual formation than renovate physical buildings. Searching and Practicing the image of God in daily life.

[ Practice ] No longer exists the weekly schedule for traditional bible study and other confirmation class. Rather online study and training. Each small different small group for creativity gathers on each different day. Group members are church members only, rather open to the public. But needs to keep to limit 12. The all group demonstrate in group dynamics of expression joy in the presence of God on Sunday to praise Creator’s Glory.

For example: Monday: writers groups (poet group, essay group, short story group, etc.), Tuesday: speech groups (storytelling, public speech, etc. ) Wednesday: reading groups, Thursday: painting groups, Friday: vocal groups and musical instruments groups, Saturday: drama group and puppet groups, etc.

Format: Each group needs a professional, an assistant, apprentice who could be next group an assistant when the group would be divided into two. The professional could be a paid staff or a volunteer. Each group would performed or exhibit periodically through out the year to the public.

This is how we, the church transform, the new world. Anyone want to practice this, welcome to live in making joyful nosy, than grumbling and worries.

EcclesioGenesis – EcclesioExodus – EcclesioCross – EccleioLife

Creativity in Freedom – Image of God

Self Identity, Related Identity, Village Identity

About TaeHun Yoon

Retired Pastor of the United Methodist Church
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