Thriving on Stress 7-(2, 3, 4) “SUCCSSFUL EVENTS” in STRESS STRATEGIES by NAVY Stress Management



As stated before, stress can be caused by either internal thoughts  or feelings, or external circumstances or demands. The cause can be imagined or real. Whatever the form it takes, stress is real and evokes a response.


They can be unpleasant or pleasant. Stress response is the experience of strain due to real or imagined conflicts, frustrations, and demands. Not all demands are distressful. The strain of stress can be due to either positive or negative events and can be experienced as either a positive or negative event. Your first date may be stressful but not necessarily distressing. The strains of stress events are experienced both physically and psychologically.


Some stressful events can be changed and some cannot. Once we know what is causing our stress and we understand how we respond to that stress, we can envision ways to manage that stress. There are events on which we can exert  control to help manage the strain of our responses. But there are many events that we have no control over; nevertheless, we can control our response.



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