The Transforming Praxis Toward EcclesioGenesis

We may not able to decline the degree of Xenophobia, but start, at least, the counter model of it, New Community. ECCLESIONGENESIS (Birthing Community in the Church and Society) with basic faith movement.

Thomas Ogletree said, “Eschatology had the effect of generating a dual perspective: A vision of Fulfillment in a coming new age, and an orientation to survival in the alien circumstances of the present age. This duality becomes a dialectic. This coming new age takes on substantive though incomplete reality in the present.

One is already summoned to live on its terms even while one must continue to endure the afflictions of the age which is passing away.

A new community, oriented to and based upon the new age, takes form in the midst of institutions which remain under the sway of the old consequently, those who dare to live for the new inevitably find themselves in conflict with those cling to the old.”

We may require the discipleship, is Eschatological Existence, to start and accomplish this Transforming Praxis. It is existence governed by the realities of the coming new age, but lived out under the conditions of the old.

This project will practice (1) on ‘Recovering Individual Identity’ for the personal transformation which I call PRAXIS ON EXODUSGENESIS for a Journey of ‘Self-Discovery,’ (2) on ‘Recovering Relational Identity’ for the ecclesiological transformation which I call PRAXIS CROSSGENESIS for a Journey of ‘Reign of ‘God-Discovery,’ and (3) on ‘Recovering Responsible Identity’ for the community transformation which I call PRAXIS ON LIFEGNESIS for a Journey of ‘Eternity-Discovery.’

This birthing the church is constantly moving and changing in the old site. God’s redeeming action is totally relational to liberate the deformed humanity from alienation into shalom.

Three Forms of Alienation from Shalom in the foreign land as well as new home:

  1. Alienation from Personal Integrity requires the mission of SELF-INDENTITY). There is no shalom without knowing “who I am.”
  2. Alienation from Interpersonal Respect (requires the mission of RELATIONAL IDENTITY). There is no shalom without knowing others and “what I am.”
  3. Alienation from Structural Justice (requires the mission of RESPONSIBLE IDENTITY). There is no shalom without the voluntary suffering of the church for other communities in society and to know “where I am in.”

Birthing church means to constantly practice spirituality to transform dangers of alienating factors into truce Christian faith for shalom.

Therefore, this project puts her efforts on practicing possibilities to transform the life of the alienated into the life of the reconciled through practicing Integral Spirituality:

  1. ‘Personal Identity on the Integral Self’
  2. ‘Relational Identity on the Communal Self’
  3. ‘Responsible Identity on the Reforming Dynamics of Spiritual Justice’

which have taken place since loneliness, distrust, and low self-esteem, and show the exercise on coming together of structural justice, interpersonal respect and personal integrity in the world.




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Dusk in

Between weight of the air, embracing imaging…

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Able to pay of breathing

Sweating on sureness of hope

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Top of the heat

Just drinking the hot tea instead, as looking at two ears: Lambs & Elephants

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Walking with the Lord

via Walking with the Lord

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Walking with the Lord

I have been learning farming for last three years from the small piece of my back yard.

I could not walk alone, but then only with what the Creator has in mind. I cannot walk too hurry before his seasonal time clock or too much lazily behind.

Small or big farming must walk along the Creator’s calendar of life and living when the Lord says, “It’s time.”

Then I must humbly walk along with him diligently.

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I could presume the Heaven should reflect what I have been living as mirror.

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Could hear the joy of freely given forms without any moment of hesitation.

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The undulating wood slopes down

to the rhythm of mountain streams. 

To me this rhythm is revealing You,

the Eternal Word. 

… … …

– but man can wonder!

… … …

(Once this very wonder was given a name: “Adam.”


… … …

– First part of Ruah, the Spirit of God hovered above the waters in the Stream, the Poetry of John Paul II, Roman Triptych meditations.  

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